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Our Solutions

Managed Hosting

We manage the servers for hundreds of customers; from SME to 100K+ municipalities. Carefree online on our own platform.


We think in terms of solutions, advise our customers where necessary, and are happy to discuss with your system administrators to implement the perfect solution for you.


Cobytes is your remote system administrator; migration and management of your cloud platform as if we were sitting next to you.

Online Workspaces

Leave the complete management of your digital office to Cobytes. We ensure that all your employees can work like a breeze.


Various organizations leave the handling of e-mail to Cobytes. We not only provide the best spam filter, but also ensure that your mail is delivered correctly and according to all standards.


We invest in the security of our platform. In cooperation with our partners, we continuously ensure optimal security.


Our DevOps engineers develop the Cobytes platform and are also ready to support you in automating your digital environment and work processes.


Hosting is our passion. The hosting options we offer do not fit in this box. On the other pages we try to give you an idea of our possibilities.

We use sustainable products and have in-depth knowledge.

The OpenStack logo shows literally an open stack of red abstract items, representing the layers and infrastructure components orchestrated by OpenStack.
The centos logo is made up of a number of geometrically symmetrically arranged squares, which, through rotation and overlay, form arrows in all directions. Green, purple, blue and yellow are used.
The Linux logo is a happy, well-fed penguin sitting down because it has eaten so well it feels too heavy to keep standing up for a while.
The blue Atlassian logo shows a blue stylized capital A.
The ansible logo shows a white capital A in a black circle.
The Redis logo shows a stack of red, rather flat appliances holding a star prism, a cylinder, a triangular prism and the empty space where a cube could be inserted. The polyhedra represent various data types whic can be stored in Redis.
The Patchman logo consists of a blue floating hexagon with a white "first aid" cross centered on it.
The DirectAdmin logo shows a double arrow in the direction of reading, indicating quick and easy management and administration.
The MariaDB logo shows the database application's mascot animal: A brown sea lion.
The blueish HA-Proxy logo shows a circular arrangement of a stylized, mostly hierarchical but also cross-interconnected computer network.
The nginx logo simply sports the heavily techno-stylized letters brand name "NGINX" in green capital letters.
The Apache Foundation logo shows a bird's feather stylized in a yellow, red and purple color gradient, similar to the colors of the sunset.
The PHP logo consists of a purple ellipse with a white-rimmed black-filled "php" written across it.
The Zabbix logo consists of the "Zabbix" brand name written in capital letters on a red, sharp-cornered rectangular background.
The Docker logo shows a blue whale carrying nine stacked blue containers on its back like a container ship.

What our customers say about us

  • Logo Municipality Ede
    Profile picture of Ben Hendriks, municipality of Ede

    Ben Hendriks, Product owner - Advisor Online Accessibility of the municipality of Ede

    Working with Cobytes is like having an extra employee; they think along and take initiative with regard to questions about security and new techniques in the field of hosting. Very good response time, no-nonsense approach, proactive, good and in-depth knowledge, Driven and a large dose of a sense of responsibility are keywords that they amply meet.

  • Logo Municipality of Houten
    Piet Woudt, CISO of the municipality of Houten

    Piet Woudt, CISO of the municipality of Houten

    Next to the fast approach of Cobytes with which they effectively solve bottlenecks and incidents, we see Cobytes mainly as a partner who thinks along to our security structurally to a higher level. Cobytes is a reliable partner to us whom we gladly trust with our online services.

  • Logo idot!webengineers
    Paul Homan, Managing director of idot!webengineers

    Paul Homan, Managing director of idot!webengineers

    We have been relying on the expertise of Cobytes for our hosting products for many years. Also thanks to the enormous involvement and fast response time of Cobytes we can offer our customers a high level of service, with promises we always keep.

  • Logo Beef&Steak
    Jan Faber of Beef&Steak

    Jan Faber of Beef&Steak

    Beef&Steak has been a customer of Cobytes for years. The great thing about Cobytes is that you can make real arrangements with them. Other providers refer you to a page with their standard product range, but with Cobytes they will take care of it in such a way that it works optimally. They came to us with a solution for improving the speed of the website and handling peak traffic. We love that, because we prefer to sell meat rather than server problems.

You want advice or just have a question?

Jeroen likes to advise and think along with you about the best solution for your cloud or IT issues.

Feel free to call +31 888 788 900!

Jeroen van Rossum in a blue suit, facing the viewer.