We know what it means to have a TYPO3 website. You know what it takes to create and manage a TYPO3 website.

Cobytes has the knowledge and experience needed to make your website run with full performance. In addition to hosting your website, we also care for, maintain and optimize it. By working with you to map out which services you need from us and by being available when you need us, Cobytes is not only providing you with hosting, but with hospitality.

Working together!

A good host knows what their guest expects from them. Because you chose to work with TYPO3 at an earlier stage, you have consciously chosen a sustainable and often advanced solution.

When your TYPO3 website runs perfectly, it offers you the opportunity to reach your visitor optimally as well. Cobytes is your ideal partner to let your website run as smoothly as possible behind the scenes.

In addition, we provide various services that are tailored to your needs. Hosting, support, troubleshooting and management; each and all of these are services we are offering in cooperation with you and your suppliers. And not just after you had to sign all kinds of vague contracts for this, but simply included in the Service Level Agreement. As befits of a good host.

The TYPO3 logo consists of the "TYPO3" brand name with an additional orange sliced soft-cornered triangle resembling an icecream on a stick.

What a host doesn't know, they do not host.

In saying this we want to assure you that the Cobytes team – being highly available for you – consists entirely of seasoned TYPO3 experts. Our combined knowledge goes much further than the knowledge of providers and partners you have worked with up to now. By entering into a tailor-made Service Level Agreement with Cobytes, you automatically become part of to our network, a problem is rarely if ever outsourced to an external party, thus drastically increasing the handling speed. Problem? Problem solved.

The Cobytes logo, kept in shades of blue, shows a stylized capital letter C which is segmented into squares resembling digital bytes or data packets.

A good host knows their guests.

Cobytes knows the TYPO3 website of about thirty Dutch municipalities. Simply because we have been able to add these municipalities to our portfolio in recent years. Of course, we will bring the knowledge we have acquired to the table in all future partnerships. This creates confidence in our own expertise and we can imagine that this also applies to you!

The MariaDB logo shows the database application's mascot animal: A brown sea lion.
The nginx logo simply sports the heavily techno-stylized letters brand name "NGINX" in green capital letters.
The Varnish logo shows three differently-sized blue bubbles.
The Redis logo shows a stack of red, rather flat appliances holding a star prism, a cylinder, a triangular prism and the empty space where a cube could be inserted. The polyhedra represent various data types whic can be stored in Redis.
The solr logo features a red circle cut with negative space resembling light rays eminating from the "solr" brand.
The Elastic NV company logo consists of colorful bubbles, akin to bubblegum.

Jeroen, your host

For over 10 years closely involved in the TYPO3 community and knowledgable master in hosting this CMS.

Free check or advice?

Jeroen van Rossum in a blue suit, facing the viewer.