A Magento web shop places heavy demands on hosting. A common problem with webshops is a long loading time of a page. A homepage with many products can in many cases cause problems.

Slow shop? Varnish is the answer!

By providing a Magento webshop with caching, the loading time of a page can be significantly reduced. For both Magento v1 and Magento v2 we offer support in the implementation of caching.

Even if you do not host on our platform, we can assist your developers with the implementation of Varnish and Redis cache.

The Magento logo consists of an orange hexagon or a 3D-box with cut-outs akin to package tape. The negative space created through these cut-outs makes a capital letter M become visible.


Has your shop outgrown its traditional server? Cobytes supplies CLUSTER HOSTING, allowing you to keep your shop online optimally no matter how large the number of visitors is. A cluster solution is scalable and can grow endlessly with your shop because all components of the cluster can be scaled up as needed.

The Cobytes logo, kept in shades of blue, shows a stylized capital letter C which is segmented into squares resembling digital bytes or data packets.
The nginx logo simply sports the heavily techno-stylized letters brand name "NGINX" in green capital letters.
The Varnish logo shows three differently-sized blue bubbles.
The Redis logo shows a stack of red, rather flat appliances holding a star prism, a cylinder, a triangular prism and the empty space where a cube could be inserted. The polyhedra represent various data types whic can be stored in Redis.
The Memcached logo shows a teal capital logo M and two red dots on a darker gray background. The negative space beneath the M and the red dots can be taken for a bat's face.
The MariaDB logo shows the database application's mascot animal: A brown sea lion.

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