WordPress is the most widely used CMS worldwide. Bottlenecks in a WordPress installation are often the security (keeping up-to-date) and higher loading times than desired.

Cobytes takes care of the hosting of various WordPress websites and has substantive knowledge where caching and security are concerned.


By using caching correctly (Varnish / Memcache(d) / Redis) we are able to make your site fly!

We understand the complexity of the problems that arise and assist developers in solving the bottlenecks.

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All our wordpress installations are provided with PatchMan. This service provides patches whenever your installation is not up-to-date or vulnerable.

Automatically solve the issues of your installation to prevent your website and our server from being hacked.

Service Level Agreement

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Hosting SLA WordPress SLA Enterprise SLA
Always included Extra agreement Extra agreement
Hosting Support
Application Level Support
General Support During office hours During office hours 24/7
Response Time Max 4 hours Max 4 hours 2 hours between 9am - 11pm
Resolution Time Max 8 hours Max 8 hours 4 hours between 9am - 11pm

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Cobytes offers exclusive custom hosting for professional WordPress sites.