By using multiple servers with our cluster technology we keep your application fast and scalable online.

A cluster is usually used when a single server does not offer sufficient capacity or speed, when extremely high availability is required — or a combination of these.

High-Availablility (HA) Cluster

By setting up each component of a web server or application server at least twice, a higher degree of availability is created than with a single server. Often web, caching and database components are installed on one server.

We replace the database and other components with separate servers that take over the same functions.

A database cluster has at least three servers. An HA cluster also gives a performance boost by separating the components, but the emphasis is on the availability of the application.

We like to use Galera for the HA setup of a database cluster.

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High Performance (HP) Cluster

In a high performance cluster the emphasis is on speed and less on availability. Like the HA cluster, this variant is based on the presence of at least three database servers. For an HP cluster, we use a MySQL multi-mastersetup.

A high performance cluster is usually also high available, but its emphasis is not on availability. Such clusters are often created with a single load balancer.


One of the biggest advantages of a cluster is that it gives the possibility to scale up. Because we have separated all components, we can add servers to the cluster in case of bottlenecks to distribute the load better.

Web- or database servers can be added without much effort to keep performance up to standard. Autoscaling even makes it possible to automatically increase or decrease the number of servers as required.

If you expect large peaks in traffic due to a television broadcast or marketing campaign, for example, we will ensure that your site or shop continues to function optimally!

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